A story about a man and his cat who quit his job to travel with his beloved pet through Australia


Here’s a wonderful story by Richard and Willo.

Can you imagine, that Richard lefr his job, even sold everything he could to go to Australia with his cat?

They are not just ordinary relationships, as we usually meet between the owner and the pet. These are very unusual ones.

The fact is that Willo was able to save Richard when he was living the most desperate period of his life.

This cat was adopted from the shelter by Rich’s ex-girlfriend.

The cat immediately formed a special bond with Rich and they had already become very good friends.

But after a while, Ritchie’s girlfriend left him, saying that she could not take care of the cat.

But for Richie it was not a problem, because he just adored that cat, and the cat him.

He always mentions that Willow is the sweetest cat he has ever seen, who loves to cuddle the most.

When Richard decided to leave everything he had there, he went on a trip to Australia with his lovely cat.

They spent many exciting and adventurous days enjoying the time together. They even camped in the mountains.

Both of them just enjoy those wonderful days together. They also have an Instagram page that already has more than 100000 followers were inform their followers about their adventurous life.

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