One day the little girl returned home with a sweet puppy, anf from that day on he became the favorite member of their family


Yana is a big animal lover and always dreamed about having one. One day she returned home with a little puppy.

She had found the baby on the street and could not leave her in that condition.

The puppy was all wet and shivering from the cold. The poor helpless puppy waited impatiently for someone to help him.

Seeing the dog, the child took pity on him and then hugging him brought him home.

The girl was so excited to bring the dog home, because she had never thought of such a thing, but had always dreamed of keeping a dog.

And no animal deserves to be left on the street, especially in such cold weather.

The doggy was named Mokhtar. Now he still lives in their family and all the members of the family can’t imagine their lives without this wonderful doggy, who suddenly appeared in that family and filled their life with warmth and happiness.

The girl never regretted bringing Mokhtar home that day and giving her shelter. What a wonderful ending.

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