The anxious goose was waiting outside for her beloved partner, who was being operated at that time


The camera caught an amazing goose near the door of the veterinary clinic.

The caring animal stood there waiting for its mate to undergo surgery.

Before the operation, the animal was rescued by volunteers, as they noticed that he was having difficulty walking and he was promptly taken to a veterinarian for examination.

The goose was named Arnold. It turned out that they had come to the rescue at the right time, because the goose injury was dangerous for his life.

So to save his life,they had to operate on him. The most amazing thing about this story was that there was another one besides them who was very worried about the goose’s health condition.

It was his partner who did not leave him for a minute.

Arnold’s girlfriend had decided to be by her lover’s side in such a difficult time.

The poor creature had been standing in front of the door throughout the operation.

So touching, isn’t it? Fortunately, everything went well.

Then, when the doctors opened the door, the worried goose came to see its mate.

Now kind veterinarians take care of both until Arnold is fully recovered.

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