Peppo, who went through a very difficult life and overcame many hardships, has finally found perfect family for him


Our hero named Peppo lived in Spain, being rescued by Animal Angels .

The team found him begging for food on the street. They moved him to Great Britain and started looking for a house for him.

But finding a home was much harder for this lovely baby than they could have imagined.

Due to a strong bite, his lower teeth were protruding, besides, he had a crooked nose and inverted legs.

That is why they did not want to come to adopt him. His appearance influenced people’s decisions.

So he stayed with hus foster parents for more than eight months, during which time they still tried to find a home for the baby by posting ads every day.

When the guardian started doing posts about Peppo, it immediately caught people’s attention and touched their hearts.

A man from Tiverton, England, was particularly interested in him.

When he saw Peppo’s unique, sweet face, he immediately fell in love with the puppy and filled out an application the next day.

After carefully examining it, rescuers realized that it was going to be the perfect home for Pepo.

John says that the dog is very active and even runs around the house happily.

John says they always wanted to adopt a dog to accompany their other dog.

But now the baby will become their dog’s best friend. After adopting him, the couple decided to take the puppy for examination.

After the scans, it became clear that the puppy had broken bones, from which they realized that the puppy had probably been severely abused.

Despite all that, Peppo feels like any other dog. He likes to play with his new friend and run in the yard of his house.

The couple tells that the dog is very smart, caring and loyal. He even hugged their other dog when he was just brought home.

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