The dog who with a very unusual and unique appearance was rescued and happily found his eternal home


This dog lives with his owner in the Netherlands, and when they go for a walk together, everyone looks closely at this unusual-looking dog.

No one can pass by him indifferently, especially when they see him for the first time. Just look at the height of this dog.

After meeting his owner Monica, this wonderful dog got a chance at a second life, cause he had gone through many hardships in the past.

These dogs are known for their agility and speed so that makes them perfect for jogging and hunting as well.

It was then that Monica came to the rescue and saved the dog.

She had been rescuing dogs from a terrible situations for many years.

The dog was named Kenman, who was so grateful to his rescuer.

Monica is also very grateful to have met that wonderful dog.

Kenman is a very unique dog with a very sensitive personality.

When people meet this dog, they are very surprised and always stop to look or ask questions about the unusual appearance of the dog.

When Monica and Kenman walk together, they are always in the center of attention.

He also sometimes behaves as a naughty baby, for example, trying to steal Monica’s breakfast.

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