The deaf man decided to adopt the sweet deaf dog and now they’re so amazing


Nick Abbiot is a 31-year-old deaf man. A few weeks ago, Nick stumbled upon an Internet post made by one of the shelters.

It was about a cub named Emerson who had recently been able to overcome a serious illness that left him deaf.

Nick decided to visit her, and when Emerson saw her, she clung to him throughout the visit. They both felt an inexplicable connection.

When they came home, Nick decided to teach his new pet sign language.

Emerson immediately began to understand it and quickly learned to “sit” and “lie down” commands.

Their connection is just wonderful. They get along so well with each other. No one in this world can understand each other better than they do.

This man really made the best decision by adopting this wonderful dog from the shelter.

About 6.5 million animals are sheltered annually and, unfortunately, 1.5million animals are euthanized.

Animals make our lives even more colorful and happy.

So let’s follow Nick’s example and today we may be able to make a dog’s dream come true that is waiting for to its owners every day․․․

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