The rare white lion cubs, born in Africa, are a very huge surprise for all the workers of the zoo


WHite lions are just majestic. These lions better known as South Lions, are considered sacred by many South African tribes.

They immediately attract everyone’s attention due to their appearance. They are unfortunately among the endangered animals.

Everyone was so happy when the rare white lions were born. It was a wonderful surprise for the park staff.

According to them, It is one of the most beautiful and memorable events that took place in the park.

They have a “great responsibility” for them and do their best to keep the lions safe and well cared for.

Everyone just adores these wonderful creatures. They are so beautiful and amazing.

These lions are not really albino, as it may seem at first glance.

They simply lack the color brown, which is the result of a genetic mutation and is called leukemia.

It is a very rare phenomenon in nature, when as a result of a recessive mutation in a gene, the pigmentation decreases and their skin changes from golden to white.

White lions were first discovered by Africans in 1937.

There are now 13white lions living in the wild, and 300white lions in captivity.

We hope that soon the danger of extinction of these wonderful creatures will pass and their number will grow.

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