The kind couple rescued the dog from the cold streets and after a couple of days the doggy gave birth to 9 cubs


The dog seemed to be abandoned and sadly lying on the sidewalk when he was spotted by this wonderful couple, Jack and Carl.

Approaching her, they realized that the dog was pregnant. The dog seemed so excited and happy to see kind people.

She felt that they had come to save her. The couple went home with the dog to feed her. She was named Pop.

This wonderful dog quickly adapted to the new conditions and immediately established a close relationship with her parents.

She became especially close to Carly. The dog was very sociable and active, but she needed the help of a veterinarian because it was completely covered with fleas.

The next day they went to the clinic with the dog for treatment.

After receiving appropriate treatment and completing the tests, they went home with the dog.

The dog simply adored her rescuers, who saved them from the cold streets and hungry life.

The dog was very safe and when they got home, she lay down on the couch to rest and sleep.

A few days later, nine sweet puppies were born. Pop takes great care of them giving them a warm hug.

She is an unspeakably devoted and caring mother. When the dog was brought home on the first day, the couple could not have imagined that they would be so attached to the dog.

They are so grateful and happy that they met that sweet dog, who filled their lives with unspeakable love and warmth.

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