The dog started taking care of all the orphan kittens, becoming their adoptive mother


This dog was found on Oregon Street a few years ago.

She was completely alone and when she was taken to a shelter, it turned out that she was also pregnant.

The dog was named Zuka. After staying in the shelter for a few days, the mother dog gave birth.

When the babies were already feeling very well, they were placed in foster care.

After that they tried to find a owner for the dog, but it was not so easy.

It had been six months since the dog was in the shelter when employee Ronda offered to take her home.

Zuka is a very intelligent dog and is different from other shelter dogs.

Ronda had several cats in the house, but this did not create any obstacles, as Zuka was very sociable and quickly got along well with everyone.

She developed a particularly close relationship with an older cat. Unfortunately, after a while, the cat died and Zuka was very broken.

One day a little baby named Monkey was brought to the shelter.

When Zuka saw her, it was as if she began to express strong motherly feelings for her.

So that baby became the “baby” she adopted. As she had contact with many cats, she soon became a caring mother for each orphaned cat brought to the shelter.

She seems to understand what each of them needs and takes great care of everyone.

In recent years, Zuka has managed to take care of more than a hundred kittens, giving them motherly love and care.

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