After his adoptive parents returned him to the shelter, the doggy was just unrecognizable…


Roland, known as Shorty, was two years old when he arrived at the shelter.

The day after he was admitted to the shelter, he immediately attracted the attention of a number of adoptive parents.

He was taken to his new house 3 days later. It would seem that everything should have been very good, but unfortunately life is full of difficulties.

His family was in a very difficult situation. They stayed on the street with the whole family and slept in the car.

They were faced with a dilemma : either the dog had to stay with them and suffer with them, or they had to take him back to the shelter.

The family chose the second option because they did not even have money to feed the dog. So a year and a half later, the dog returned to the shelter.

Of course, it was very difficult for the dog and he did not understand what was happening and where his owners were, whom he loved so much.

Besides, the dog was completely exhausted and was in a very bad condition.

He could not even lift his head and move on his own. The poor boy was fighting for his life, but he was terribly sad and broken.

Jamie, the founder of Jamie’s Animal Rescue, started rescuing animals since he was 11 years old and has dedicated his entire life to helping animals in the most difficult situation.

So when he heard about the dog, he decided to come and take it.

When Jamie came to the shelter, Roland was asleep.

Jamie realized that it had beein very difficult to separate from his previous owners and he had to work hard to save the dog from that situation.

It took a lot of patience to achieve the desired result. His body was already in a very good condition.

Jamie gave Roland the love and warmth he needed most. In addition to his unusual thinness, he found other signs of neglect.

Two days later he discovered his amazing spirit. By the end of November he was ready to go to a foster home, 30 days after which he had gained 35 pounds.

Roland’s growth was a miracle. Thank you to all the caring people.

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