After being rescued by ‘Born Free Foundation’ four adorable lions felt freedom for the first time in their whole life


Animals have that right to stay and live freely in the nature. In this way they also get the best food, which is important for their growth.

They are at the right temperature where they were born. If wild animals in particular are removed from their habitat, it strikes at their survival instincts and causes many problems.

However, many animals spend their whole lives in captivity – zoos, various parks or aquariums.

Others often decide to keep wild animals as domestic ones. They should not be deprived of their freedom.

This is a story about the lives of these four captive lions, which fortunately had a happy ending.

Their names are Angela, Bellone, Saida and Lօօga, who were born and lived in captivity.

They have spent their whole lives performing in the circus. They were forced to perform various tricks.

They also lived in poor conditions – in cramped cages. We are also sure that they were not given the best food.

The lions were rescued by the good volunteers of the Born Free Foundation.

The foundation was raising money to save the lions and return them to the wild. Other foundations have also provided specialized care for them.

Unfortunately, the journey took even longer because of the pandemic.

It pushed back their plans for several years. However, they used that time to help the animals fully recover and better prepare for the transfer.

During this time the lions lived in a rescue center in France.

In 2022, the lions finally returned home, but lived in one of the sanctuaries there. However, they are free and can move in an area of 3 acres, as captive animals can not immediately return to the wild.  They are slowly adapting to the new environment.

The 4 lions are now at home after so many years. All this thanks to all those kind people who spared nothing to save the lives of them.

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