The dog won the battle against cancer and his transformation is simply astonishing


He was two years old when he was taken to chemotherapy. Bob had cancer, but everyone hoped that he would be able to overcome it, despite his malnutrition.

But he had to endure all the chemical sessions. At this crucial moment, Dalian was Bobby’s only real support and did everything she could to make Bob happy.

Doctors soon noticed a positive change in Bobby. Two months later the dog underwent impressive changes and was recovering day by day.

He had got many wounds before, which also began to heal. His fur began to recover and protect his body again.

Many stories about a brave dog began to spread. He had become a happy and friendly dog, loved by everyone.

That stories also helped him find a permanent and loving family. Fortunately, everything ended well.

At first it was difficult for Dalia, who had to separate from Bobby, but she certainly understood that Bobby would be happier that way.

He went through so many difficulties and deserved the best The doggy is now very happy and completely healthy, enjoying his life in his new family.

He spreads smiles all day in his family having a great time with her siblings. Just look at his wonderful transformation.

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