The couple rescued the dog who was on the euthanasia list and he immediately shew his gratitude to his dad


Gregory’s name appeared on the euthanasia list. When Shanley Kirk saw the announcement about him, she realized that she had to do something to save him.

There is no other information about him. It is assumed that the dog had been abandoned or lost.

To find out, they looked to see if the dog had a chip. But there was no chip. In addition, he had health problems.

Before finding a new owner, he had to be cured of worms. The shelter needed $400 for that.

They decided to set a deadline to raise money for Grigory, and if did not work out, they would euthanize him.

The announcement has been posted for quite some time ․ but no news.

Fortunately, Shenley saw the announcement in time and told it to her husband. The couple once owned a small private dog shelter.

They immediately decided to go and save him. When the dog saw them, it seemed that he felt that these people had come to save him from death.

After meeting his rescuers he kept smiling incessantly.

They got in the car and went home. Suddenly the dog put his head on the man’s shoulder.

It melted their hearts even more. His eyes shone with happiness. Now Gregory is at home and enjoying his life.

The dog is now taking a course of antibiotics, after which he will receive thorough treatment against worms.

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