After seeing the announcement they hurried to save the life of the doggy who turned out to be pregnant


A resident of the city of Charlotte,Nicholas, accidentally saw the announcement about the dog, which was going to be euthanized.

He had previously adopted another dog from the shelter, but unfortunately the dog had died of cancer.

He was very depressed of that loss, so his girlfriend offered to adopt the dog and save him from euthanasia.

The next day they rushed to the shelter to see the dog.

Seeing Emma, ​​they simply fell in love with her. The dog was recently found on the street and brought to a shelter.

They wanted to save the dog’s life and were started the paperwork to adopt Emma.

So she soon came to their house. A few days later they found out that the doggy was pregnant.

In fact, no one had known about it before, but it made the couple happy and it was a real surprise for them.

They love animals so much that it did not affect the decision to keep her at home. They, on the contrary, planned to keep the cubs as well.

They went to the store and bought everything the puppies would need. It included food, some vitamins, and lots of toys.

Soon six healthy cubs were born. They were so adorable.

They take great care of Emma and her cubs. The mother dog also takes wonderful care of her cubs.

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