The Ukrainian Cat Cafe operates even during the war, taking care of its 20 resident cats


Cat Cafe Lviv is located in Lviv, Ukraine, which has been operating for six years.

It has become a very special place and here we will explain why.

Serhi Olinik is the owner of Cat Cafe, who told about his activities and mentioned that he has a small team of very close people who have been working with him for several years.

Especially fluffy residents appreciate the attention of the people here.

Visitors of the cafe are used to caring for cats and playing with them.

There are 20 cats living here, which give smiles to tourists every day.

They also interact with them when they come to eat or relax.

This cafe now serves as a shelter for many people in Lviv, where they also take care of cats, who are always so happy and excited to see them and play with them.

Olinik is also staying in a cafe with his family. The cafe decided to stay open despite the disasters.

They will continue to help people and provide them with shelter.

They relax a little in all this when the cats come to them.

Naturally, there are fewer regular customers these days, as many have left the country.

But there are also those who come from far away places, demanding hot food, and cats provide them with a happy mood.

The cafe has three rather large rooms, two of which are in the basement, so in case of an air raid, visitors and cats can take refuge there.

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