The dolphin jumped out of the water to kiss one of the dogs. This is simply the most positive video ever


These gorgeous images of sweet creatures will just make you melt. This is the warmest video you have ever seen.

After watching, you will be convinced of that as well. This was a very unusual meeting between two dogs and a dolphin. They will never forget that day for sure.

The dogs were on the boat with their parents when it all happened.

Fortunately, the sailors managed to capture that wonderful moment and now we have the opportunity to enjoy it.

The adorable dolphin saw the two furry dogs on the boat and decided to approach them.

And what happened after that was the most unexpected thing that someone can imagine. The dogs could not hide their excitement too when they saw the huge aquatic animal.

And the dolphin did not think long and found the best way to make new friends – absolutely the kiss. Yes, yes, you got it right.

The dolphin immediately jumped out of the water and suddenly kissed one of the dogs. What a wonderful and unforgettable moment! Everyone was so impressed and excited by that scene.

After a short time, the dolphin returned to the dogs to get to know them better. How adorable and kind these creatures are! Also watch the adorable video below.

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