After moving to the shelter the dog makes his bed every day, proving to everyone that he is a very good boy.


When they came to the rescue of the dog from the SISCA Animal Adoption Center, he was very nervous and restless at first.

However, the shelter staff did their best to teach him how to communicate and to feel comfortable.

The dog was named Rush. He also had a very comfortable bed here, thanks to which he was going to become famous soon.

One day when one of the volunteers came to him, he saw that Rush was making his bed.

It just amazed everyone. The dog did that every day.

So one of the volunteers decided to film Rash’s unusual act and post it on the Internet.

It quickly spread all over the world and gained about 2.5 million views.

The shelter also showed people how kind and affectionate pit bulls really are, as there are so many negative stereotypes about them.

Not long after the video was released and many adopters came to take Rash home.

One day one family came and reported that they had recently lost their dog and wanted to adopt Rash and they knew how to perfectly take care of pit bulls.

So the doggu now lives in a very caring family with his beloved father and mother.

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