The man rescued the cat who was wandering in the parking lot, after which it turned out that the cat was pregnant


The stray cat was wandering in the parking lot when a man saw her and wanted to approach to help, but she did not let the man approach him.

A month later the man was passing by the same place and saw the same cat there again.

Since it was already very cold, he did not want to leave the cat outside.

He asked the employees of the parking lot about the cat, and they told him that the cat lives there for about two or three months.

To help the cat, he decided to take some photos and post them on Facebook to find her owners…

But sadly no one responded… He decided to seek the help of volunteers, but at that time everyone was busy.

So man had to do everything himself. There was no other option. So he did everything he could to win her trust. After a while, the cat was no longer afraid of him.

The man finally managed to catch her a few days later and they went home together.  The cat felt very safe and calm. The man did everything for it.

He took the cat to the vet and it turned out that the cat was pregnant. Fortunately, the man saved her from the cold street in time and she could give birth safely.

The good man continued to take care of the cat until a volunteer offered to take care of her.

A few months later, a kind volunteer came and took the cat home. The cat was named Tisha, who quickly got used to her foster mother.

Soon 4 of her kittens were born. Fortunately, everyone was healthy and so adorable. The mother cat takes excellent care of the kittens with the help of her foster mother.

Thanks to kind people, the cats were saved and will always be safe.

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