The kind dog helped the little kitten get used to human contact and find an eternal home in a very short time


The cat was very scared and anxious at first when he was placed in a foster home.

But on the other hand, it was so good that there is a very kind dog and living with him, he had a lot of changes and he gradually learned to trust people.

When the rescue worker saw the kitten, at first it was difficult to understand whether it was a boy or a girl.

She decided to lift and hug the cat with a thick towel, but the baby immediately began to behave very anxiously and even tried to grab and bite the rescuer.

At first, things did not go so smoothly and in order for the cat to adapt to her and her home, the woman decided to bring the cat with her and then place him next to a huge dog cage in the center of their kitchen.

The cat has always been surrounded by many people and dogs. So he just needed time to adjust.

The dog immediately accepted the cat and treated him very well, accepting him as a member of their family.

The woman did everything so that the cat could slowly getused to human contact.

The dog is so friendly and kind that the cat in a very short time began to overcome everything and was simply in love with the dog’s company.

They immediately established an inexplicable connection with each other. He followed the dog wherever he went.

He even started to get out of the cage and study everything nearby.

As a result, after some time under constant care now she feels great in her new eternak home with new friends.

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