Her family abandoned her because of her illnesses but happily she has overcome all the hardships in her life


This is a story about a miracle dog. Her name is Luna.

The baby was about 4 months old and weighed about 1.3 kg.

Unfortunately, heartless people left her completely alone and hungry in the streets.

The fact is that the dog had some health problems. She was malnourished and very weak.

In addition, the baby’s head was injured and she could not stand on her feet.

Because of the cruel people, Luna was completely exhausted and became a victim of human violence.

But her desire to live was far greater than all the hardships that this innocent creature faced.

She wanted to fight for her life and live without losing hope. Kind people, seeing her, quickly took her to the clinic to receive the necessary treatment.

They did an X-ray. Unfortunately, Luna also had other illnesses, including diseases of the liver, intestines, and kidneys.

Currently, Luna will remain under the control of doctors until she overcomes all that and when it will not be life threatening.

The whole staff took great care of the baby. Some time has passed and fortunately every day a positive change is observed in her.

Her legs too will be restored soon. Her appetite has also been restored and she is already eating very well. She has become a very friendly, active and beautiful little puppy.

We are so happy that the dog was able to overcome those terrible days and now she can already enjoy her life surrounded by loved ones.

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