These two adorable animals adore each other spending all their time together


These two wonderful animals simply amaze everyone with their strong company.

They were adopted by the same family, who could not have imagined that two such different animals could become friends so quickly.

The couple’s mother also said that these two very different animals were connected from the first moment they met.

It was such an extraordinary and unforgettable moment.

It was real love at first sight. In an instant they became inseparable friends.

They now spend every moment of their lives together and can not be separated for even a few minutes.

They eat, play and sleep together. Most of all, they like to sunbathe together in the hot summer.

The dog treats his friend with great love, kissing and hugging him.

Besides, when the dog finds wood in the yard, at first he takes it to show it to the turtle, his best friend.

The dog never stops this habit, no matter that iften the turtle looks at him indifferently.

All the same, the dog is very happy when he shares all his victories and achievements with the turtle.

Nothing else is important for him in this world. That is enough for him to feel the happiest.

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