The kitten, whome no one wanted to touch, finally felt loved for the first time in his life


One thing would be enough for him to be happy in this life – human touch.

The cat had sarcoptic plague. It is unfortunately a contagious disease that affects both animals and humans.

The dirt was completely stuck in his fur. His eyes were closed because they were unbearably swollen.

As she passed by his cage, she suddenly heard a voice calling for help. The cat lived in an animal shelter called Baldwin Park.

The visitor even decided not to wear gloves and hugged the cat, Valentino.

When she hugged the cat, he put his head on her shoulder. He wanted so much to feel that warmth.

At that moment he finally felt that he was not alone in this big world. The visitor decided to take the cat to the clinic to be examined there.

So she talked to the center’s founder, Siemens, and came to take the cat with her during the weekend.

The founder also wanted to help the baby kitten.

After coming to the vet, Valentino felt that everything was changing for the better, even though the cat could not see the kind people working there who did everything for him.

True, he could not move, could not see anything, but he felt the care and love that people gave him.

Everyone there worshiped him and did everything to make him feel loved. He is a very kind cat.

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