The family came to adopt the two orange cats, who had been abandoned from their previous owners


The family just adores their two orange cats ․․․

Earlier this month, Mary’s friend recently showed her a photo of these two orange kittens living at the Fredericksburg SPCA Center.

Their names are Fez and Kelson, who are already 12 years old.

The fact is that these two sweet kitties have spent their whole lives together.

Unfortunately, one day their owners left them in a shelter.

They had to move from the country and had to leave the cats in the shelter.

From that day their future became uncertain ․․․

The brothers were very well cared for in the shelter, but they were very confused and broken from the day they were abandoned.

Fortunately, this couple appeared on time, who were already in a hurry to save them.

Mary also told that she never wanted to adopt a cat, but after seeing these two sweethearts, she felt that they should adopt them, these two brothers.

They also mentioned that they can never separate them, and decided to adopt them together.

Mary even started to cry when she saw these two.

They are now in their new home with their caring family.

Their broken heart seems to be restored again and now they can play and run happily as they used to do before.

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