Why did the sweet girl from America receive a letter from the Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain


We are going to tell you a very wonderful story with the participation of this wonderful princess.

Kaitlyn Sutherland decided to sew clothes for her two-year-old daughter like the clothes of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

She studied the queen’s clothes long enough to be able to create those looks for her daughter in the same way.

She bought all the accessories needed to get the full image.

As we can see from the photos, it turned out wonderfully for her daughter and this wonderful girl attracts everyone’s attention at once.

To get a royal image, you mainly need pearls and brooches like queen. As most of us know, the queen mostly wears blue coats.

So Kaitlyn also sewed a blue coat, which turned out perfectly for her.

The unique image would be incomplete, of course, without a light blue hat with a curly wig glued to it.

Then she posted her daughter’s photos on Facebook and they received many many warm responses at once.

Friends also advised them to send a letter to the queen with photos of her daughter.

And imagine what. A month and a half later, they received a letter from the royal family with a royal seal stating that Her Majesty thanked her for sending the photos to her, and the queen was very happy to see a photo of the girl, Jalen, in this luxurious outfit.

The family was so pleased with the queen’s response that they put the letter in a circle and hung it on the wall of the living room․

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