After discovering the yard of this kind woman the baby fox decided to live there spending a good time with the cats


It was the last week of July and Emma was working in her room as usual.

When she entered the kitchen, she suddenly realized that she was not alone.

Then she noticed the baby fox there and was very surprised.

In fact, it was the first meeting between Emma and the sweet little fox.

Days passed, but the fox kept coming to their yard every day.

After a very short time, the fox had fully adapted to hi s new place and felt very calm and safe there.

He now feels as if he has been there all his life. He actively communicates with cats, often even secretly entering the house to steal her beloved Emma’s slippers.

Some time later, when the fox realized that the area was safe, he came there a few days later with his sister.

The yard has now become a playground for both of them and they feel very good. Emma just adores these two.

They are still quite small, only 4 months old and they just needed a safe place to live.

Emma is so happy that this wonderful duo has chosen her backyard to feel safe.

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