After being hit by several cars the stray dog was left to die until the kind couple rushed to help the poor baby


Unfortunately, the pit bull was looking for food on the street when the car hit him.

The poor dog was not even able to walk and was lying helpless on the street.

Some drivers not only did not approach to help the dog, but also drove directly on the dog.

Finally, a woman named Sarah saw the poor dog and rushed to his aid. The woman quickly took the dog and put him in her car.

Then when they went to the clinic, the veterinarian said that the dog’s pelvis was broken in several places.

Despite the fact that Sarah was ready to pay for the treatment, Sarah decided to take the dog to another surgeon too.

The couple were ready to do everything for the dog to fully recover.

The operation was certainly not easy. He could not even urinate on his own.

Sarah also told that the dog was so brave that he fought like a real hero until the end.

Sarah called the dog Frank because of his courage.

Frankie is feeling better now, better than ever. We are glad to inform you that he has also found his new loving home, where everyone loves him very much.

He also got a wonderful sister and brother here. Many thanks to Sarah and all the other kind people who were not indifferent and fought for Frankie’s life.

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