They wanted to find a friend for their lovely dog and they could not even dream of a better one


Sorin Popa, a great lover of animals, one day decided to bring home a beautiful dog.

He and his partner found the baby on the street and brought him home. They named him Dante.

The baby immediately adjusted to his new life and caring family.  But after a while it became clear that the dog needs a playmate to feel even happier.

At that time they were moving to a new house and decided to adopt a kitten after finishing the work.

They hoped that the animals would get along well with each other. While they were thinking about it, one day his sister called him.

It turned out that she noticed a confused baby cat in their yard, and knowing that they wanted to adopt a baby, she thought they would like to take the baby home.

The kitten was left in a very dirty place.

Sorin immediately left to bring the cat. When they first met, they both began to smell each other and were very confused.

But it lasted only one and a half minute. The kitten was named Abizu.

They took him to the vet to get the necessary vaccinations.

Within a few days, the two began to grow closer and could no longer do anything without each other.

The dog followed the kitten all day wherever he went.

They have now become inseparable friends. This wonderful cat has become Dante’s older sister.

These two are just full of boundless energy and will never get tired of playing.

It’s been almost seven months since they first met, and they are as close and warm as they were the day they first met.

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