Shortly after being rejected by his own mother, the little donkey met his new loving “mother”.


This poor animal was rejected by its mother shortly after birth. Fortunately, he was not left alone in this big world.

He found a very caring mother, who surrounded the baby with great love and care. Fortunately, this helped him to overcome the difficult and sad days.

When Ben came to the shelter one day, his mother was expecting a baby.

Despite the efforts of the guardians, the mother donkey rejected her baby immediately after birth.

Unfortunately, the young mother did not agree to keep the baby. It is clear, of course, that the chances of survival without the mother were very small.

Bin was no exception. But fortunately his foster family did everything possible for the little foal to live and overcome all that.

Due to their great efforts they succeeded. They feed him with a bottle and a special regime.

They also try to spend as much time with the animal as possible to make it feel safer.

In spite of all that, the donkey still needed someone who would at least replace his mother. He still needed her very much.

And one day Benny met Jingle, another donkey who also lived in the sanctuary and was once rejected by her mother.

From the first moment of their meeting, they quickly became inseparable. They seemed to be made for each other.

Ben finally found someone who looked like his mother. How good it is that the donkey already feels very happy and calm with her.

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