Mother gorilla can’t stop admiring her newborn baby hugging and kissing him nonstop


We all know how smart these animals are. They are very famous with great intellect, as well as kind attitude towards people, if of course they treat them well.

Note that gorillas live in groups. They generally move a lot and can actually walk on two legs, but they prefer to lean on their hands or walk on trees.

The group of gorillas mainly consists of one male, several females and, of course, infants.

The male is their leader and he decides where the others go.

Females give birth to babies every 4 years and they mainly take care of them and most of the time they do it perfectly, with great care and love.

Here is a wonderful video with the participation of these amazing gorillas, which shows the gorilla’s extremely respectful and gentle attitude towards the infant.

They are so wonderful. We can notice how strong the connection between them is․․․

This baby was named Moki, which means “little”. The staff was also impressed by the gorilla’s attitude. Hurry up to watch this wonderful video.

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