Instead of floral bouquets the bride and bridesmaids held puppies in need of an eternal home


Not surprisingly, Megan and Brett’s wedding could not have taken place without pets. They now live with two dogs and two cats.

Thinking about the dogs and cats that are looking for an eternal home and caring owners, Megan decided to organize her photoshoot with dogs instead of a bouquet of flowers. Yes, yes, you got it right.

Each of her bridesmaids received a beautiful little puppy from a local shelter, who eagerly awaits when someone will finally come to adopt them.

The bride says that she hoped to help the abandoned puppies with these pictures.

People should be informed that the shelters are full of abandoned dogs, which are eagerly waiting for their new owners.

And this brilliant idea of her has given a wonderful result.

All the pups in the photos were adopted within a few days․ But newlyweds are not limited to that.

They also saved a lot of money while preparing for the wedding and transferred it to the account of that shelter.

It was just a great idea to help a number of abandoned dogs.

Many should follow the example of this wonderful family.

Thank you for this amazing idea. We wish you life full of joy and happiness.

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