After receiving all the necessary treatment the mother cat finally reunited with her baby and stopped crying


Thanks to many rescue organizations, many homeless and abandoned animals have the opportunity for a second life.

They do their best to make the animals feel as safe as possible and to find their eternal home in a short time.

Giselle is one of those who survived a hard life and went through a happy life thanks to the kind and caring individuals who became the real heroes of the cat.

When she was taken to a shelter, she was in a terrible condition.

In addition, the cat was pregnant and needed to be quickly placed in a foster home, where she could be completely comfortable while giving birth.

She gave birth to her babies just days after moving to a new home.

Unfortunately, only one of them survived, after which mother’s condition worsened.

She was no longer able to eat or drink anything and take care of her only baby.

The mother cat was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic.

After the examinations, it became clear that she had a number of dangerous diseases and if they were not treated in time, it could be very bad for her.

As a result, Giselle underwent surgery, and fortunately, her life was saved.

But because she could not see her baby, she was very sad.

Fortunately, she slowly began to eat normally and regain her strength.

She was eventually discharged and returned to her foster home.

She was so happy that she finally reunited with her little kitten.

Now they spend all their time together, forgetting about all the difficult days.

The mom cat just adores her kitten, takes great care of him and they always hug each other while sleeping.

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