A parable about a snake and a saw. When we react very angrily to evil that people do to us, we always hurt ourselves first


This parable will be very instructive for everyone, after which we will understand that we should not pay attention to the evil directed at us, because it will harm us in the first place and there will be no benefit from it. One day the snake was crawling towards its house and accidentally touched the saw and got injured.

At that moment, he turned around and bit the saw. As a result, of course, he hurt his mouth very badly.The foolish snake thought that the saw had attacked him and was trying to defend himself. He decided to spin around the saw to suffocate him with all his might.Despite all his efforts, the snake bled to death.

This is the lesson of this parable for all of us:

When we are inflamed and react very violently to the evil that has befallen us or to the people who have hurt us, in the first place we always hurt ourselves more strongly than those people. Therefore, we must understand that sometimes it is better to ignore certain events that happen to us than to try to retaliate accordingly.
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