After taking his father to a nursing home what his son said to him simply shocked him…


Do not be ungrateful to your parents. After all, they did everything possible for you to be happy. We too must do all we can to fill their day with joy and unforgettable moments. Our parents are the most precious people in our lives.

The same can not be said about this man. One day he decided that his father was quite old already. So he decided to take his father to a nursing home.

In the evening, when the whole family was gathered, his 5-year-old son asked him ․

– Dad, where is grandpa?

– In a nursing home,- replied his father.

– Will he be happy there?

– Of course it will be better for him there,- replied his father with great indifference.

After thay the little boy said.

– Dad, please tell me the address so I don’t forget.

– Why son, do you want to visit him?

– No, Dad, I just want to keep the address so that when I grow up and you grow old, I will be able to take you there too, cause as you said it’s better for the elderly.

After those words, the father just did not know what to say ․․․

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