The Pit Bull refused to leave the shelter wihtout his best friend, so the man decided to adopt them together


These two wonderful animals met in a shelter, both of which were taken there by their owners.

They seemed to meet at the right time and from the very beginning they became inseparable friends, supporting each other in all difficult situations.

They became so close that even when they were separated for a few minutes, they immediately started crying.

So they live here together, always sleeping with each other.

A few months ago a man came to a shelter looking for a friend here. When he saw Marilyn, a pit bull, he promptly fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her.

All the documents were ready and he was ready to take her home. However, when the dog was taken out of its cage, it started crying loudly.

The other dog, Tako, did the same. They were incredibly sad.

So Meryl stayed in her place and refused to move.

After this scene, the man realized that their bond was so strong that he either had to adopt both dogs at once or neither of them.

Fortunately, he made the best decision by taking the two of them home.

They now both have their own home and caring family and are extremely happy to be living together.

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