The elephant, who was abandoned by her herd because of her illness, found a support in the former service dog


It is known thatt alephants are one of the smartest animals.

This is Ellie,the hero of this story, who was left by her herd because of her illness. It was clear that she could not survive alone in nature without any help.

Fortunately, volunteers from a Rhino charity found the baby in time and rescued her.

They took the poor and helpless elephant to Zululand’s shelter, where they began to care for her and provide necessary assistance.

Although the shelter was mainly for rhinos, the staff did not want to leave the elephant alone and helpless, as everything could end badly for her.

So they set out to find a new milk formula or substitute for the elephant, as it turned out she was allergic to any type of milk.

They added protein to well-cooked rice. Fortunately, Ellie slowly began to regain her strength. After some time she recovered fully and was already feeling well.

But something was missing. She had no friends and was completely alone, which caused her psychological problems, as she did not have the opportunity to communicate with elephants. The staff was trying to do something about it so that she would no longer feel alone.

And the support was not too late. The sad and lonely elephant was rescued by a former service dog,whose name was Duma.

The two extremely different animals immediately became inseparable from the very beginning.

They had a wonderful time together every day and felt very happy.

The previous sad and broken elephant turned into an active and cheerful animal thanks to this wonderful and infinitely kind dog.

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