The man found out, that the cat visits her owner’s gravestone every day for almost a year


On the way home, near the grave, a resident named Kelly Keninhau noticed a very strange sight.

He lives on the Indonesian island of Java. A cat was sitting near one of the tombstones.

It was noticeable that the cat did not appear there by chance.

Kelly decided to bring food and water for the cat and leave it next to her.

A day later, Kelly saw the cat lying in the same place again. She did not touch food or water.

The man decided to follow the cat for a longer time, because it did not look like an ordinary street cat.

But no matter what he did, the cat would return to the cemetery every day and didn’t go anywhere.

Kelly was very interested in this mysterious cat and he did not want to leave her there alone.

Eventually he found out that the cat’s owner had recently died and was buried there, so from that day on every day the cat visits its owner and stays there.

For a year now, the cat has been coming there every day to visit its owner. That story touched Kelly so much that he decided to continue caring for the cat.

He brings food for the cat every day and leaves it next to her.What a strong connection…

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