It was one of the most emotional farewells, when a group of firefighters stood to honor the brave dog for her service


These four-legged angels, no matter who you are, will give you all their respect, loyalty and love they have.

Unfortunately, there is only one painful part in all this ․ these perfect friends do not stay with us forever.

So we just have to love them with all our heart and take good care of them.

Unfortunately, the moment of that painful farewell always comes. It seemed like the hardest time of her life for Denise Corliss.

For 16 years her beautiful retriever Bretagin was by her side.

The loss of Brittany was indeed one of the most painful events of the era, in which every American seemed to take part. The dog was able to do rescue operations for many years.

Corliss and Brittany were always ready for the toughest of trials and tribulations, but fortunately nothing terrible happened during the whole work together.

Once upon a time, there was a catastrophic incident when two towers in New York fell, so their working group-1 went to work. When they saw the terrible extent of the damage, they were completely overwhelmed.

But this wonderful dog, Brittany, knew her job and all his responsibilities very well. They began to search for the survivors under the rubble.
About 300other rescue dogs were there during those terrible weeks.

In addition to saving lives in those days, dogs also saved souls. The presence of these dogs also put a smile on people’s faces during those terribly difficult days.

She eventually stopped working one day because it was time to retire. She stayed at home with her mother.

She was quite old already, but she never stopped smiling and was still looking for household items with the same pleasure and enthusiasm.

But just a few months after she turned 17, things began to change. The dog stopped eating.

She was getting weaker and weaker, and her kidneys were in worse shape. So Corlis knew it was time to let go of her best friend.

Brittany has been a real hero for her whole country, continuing to work in the most difficult times.

Corlis decided to take her best friend to the vet for the very last time. When they got there, the scene was so moving ․․․

A group of firefighters stood there to honor Brittany for her many years of hard work and selfless service.

It was one of the most emotional farewells we have ever seen.

Seeing all this, Corlis began to cry. The two of them went through so many difficulties.

We are very sorry for this loss. We can only hope that you will find your peace again, dear Corlins.

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