After being rescued the adorable dog always keeps smiling so that people notice him too and take him home


The Berreuax is a very sweet puppy. This dog has adorable smile . The thing is that he tried in every way to smile at everyone who came to the shelter to adopt a dog.

He wanted to attract people’s attention so that they took him home too.

One day Cortney Wingate, director of the Northwest Louisiana Humanitarian Organization, spotted the three cubs and took them with her.

She was immediately attracted by the charming smile of the Berreuax.

After that Sarah Walton, one of the volunteers of the organization, started to take care of them, rescuing the cubs.

She named them after three players from Louisiana State University.

After the veterinarian’s examinations, it became clear that everything was fine with the cubs.

However, when they returned to the center, the Berreuax got sick.

So he was taken back to the hospital for treatment.

A few days later, Sarah noticed that the Berreuax was smiling broadly at everyone who approached her.

After a while, the pups were ready for adoption, and the volunteers decided to share about them on the Internet to speed up the process.

One of the brothers, who was very active, was promptly adopted after sharing a video of his skills.

As for the broadly, when his brother was adopted, he always smiles, looking forward to his eternal home.

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