After 54 years of captivity in the circus, three elephants can finally live in freedom with their beloved sisters


In the Indian circus, three elephants had to perform in front of an audience for decades, but it was finally over.

They will no longer have to stay in those conditions. The third elephant, however, remained there when it was decided to send the other two elephants to the reserve.

After being chained in the circus for so long, they will now finally be free. It all happened thanks to the devotees of the Wildlife group.

In fact, rescuing them was not easy. For months, the volunteers worked hard to bring the elephants back to free life.

When the two elephants were brought to the center, one of the elephants did not know whether she would see her friends again.

The group wrote that they were very sorry that Raya was left there, but they promised to return and fight for her release.

Finally, a few months later, they managed to save their third friend and she reunited with her dear friends.

The three elephants remained friends after going through so many hardships together. Their connection is simply indescribable.

Rhea was so happy that after so many miles she was reunited with her “sisters”.

The reunion of old friends was so sweet that it touched all the staff workers.

The workers were so happy that they were able to free them and now they can roam free together.

It is impossible not to feel honored to be a part of this wonderful reunion of old friends. Most importantly, they will never be separated again.

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