The man who didn’t like small dogs, was saved by Chihuahua, and after that his life changed completely


he man used to love and keep big dogs. They also have small dogs in the house, but the woman liked them more.

However, after that time, Humphries’s opinion has completely changed.

Just a week after his wedding, the man suffered a shoulder injury during training and needed immediate surgery.

After that day he was in a very desperate state.

As his shoulder began to recover, he tried to recover from his depression, but his depression seemed to be stronger than he thought.

He thought everything was going to be bad until one day a friend called to ask if he could take care of his dog, Lady, for a while.

Humphries knew about his friend’s pet and had never seen him. But he could not refuse his friend.

One day when Humphries came home from work, he saw a pet sitting under the TV.

A few minutes later, the wife came to see what her husband was doing.

And she was simply amazed when she saw that her husband hugged the little dog. Within a few months, they became best friends.

Spending a lot of time with him was great for a man. The dog had an inexplicable positive effect on him.

Of course, a friend’s dog will not stay with him forever, but he is very attached to the animal and can not imagine his life without that little creature.

He started thinking of adopting a dog that would look like her current friend.

Some time later, he found the one-year-old miracle Chihuahua and named her Keira. Then came Harley and Quinn.

Humphries enjoys spending time with his dogs.

He even started to adopt animals that no one wanted to “adopt”.

He wants to prove that any pet deserves our love and care.

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