The man who has a shelter in Ukraine refused to leave the country where he takes care of 400 dogs


Everyone is aware of the situation in Ukraine. This Ukrainian, despite the danger to his life, remained on his land and did not want to leave anywhere.

It also has a shelter where more than 400homeless dogs live.

His name is Andrea Cisternino, who deserves great respect for his selfless work. He is a real hero.

He is actually an Italian photographer who has lived in Ukraine for more than 13 years. He is married to a Ukrainian woman.

The couple decided to build a shelter for stray animals and take care of them.

In spite of everything, they did their job selflessly.

But he did not expect such a terrible event to take place in the country.

He was most concerned about his beloved dogs, so he began to stockpile animals.

So the kind couple chose to stay with their pets and not leave them in that precarious situation.

They were ready to do anything to save or protect the animals.

His step received great support and words of praise from all over the world.

He is constantly posting new photos and telling about the situation.

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