Seeing the caw the sweet little dog decided to take a nap on his back


Our life consists of wonderful moments. We just have to stop for a while and enjoy those moments.

Sartak Gambhir from India also likes to capture those beautiful moments through pictures, giving us the opportunity to enjoy them too.

One day he was on his way to work when he saw a cow on the road.

The most amazing thing here is that a dog was lying on the back of the cow and was sleeping there. It was so amazing.

The man had never seen anything like it in his whole life. He was simply amazed by that scene.

It was the first time he had seen these two very different animals together, like true old friends.

The cow actually knew that there was a dog on her back, and it did not bother her.

She moved very carefully so as not to disturb her sleep and not to disturb her.

He loved his little friend. He even tried to stay still so as not to disturb his little best friend.

The man simply admired the scene.  He thought they both belonged to the same owner.

However, their beautiful company was simply adorable.

He also shared that wonderful scene with us. So we too can enjoy them now.

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