A sweet dog saved the life of the little deer and after that they became inseparble friends


A very incredible incident took place in the US state of Virginia.

The dog, who ran away from home, met this drowning deer and saved his life.

After that day, the animals became so friendly that they simply became inseparable.

The dog named Harley was not home that day.

Worried about his pet, his owner went in search of the dog.

Fortunately, he soon found his beloved pet in the lake near the house.

And what he saw just amazed him, even though he knew very well how kind his dog was.

To save the life of the little deer, the dog started to swam closer to him.

Harley hurried to him to help him get out of the water.

After rescuing the deer, the man examined her, but neither of them had any injuries.

Since the wild animal belongs to the wild, the man finally decided to release it to the wild.

A few days later the dog felt restless again. When the owner opened the door, he noticed that lovely deer.

The dog ran out of the house when heard his voice, and they, like old friends, began to rejoice to see each other.

After this story appeared on the Internet, it received thousands of views and warm responses from all over the world.

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