The doggie who had lost most of his fur, was saved by kind people and happily in is safe hands now


We should never be indifferent and help all those in need, even when there is little opportunity.

Believe that any kindness comes back, and what is remarkable there is that it happens with the most unexpected way and at the most unexpected moment.

So let’s just be kind, it does not require much of us. The hero of the story is a wonderful dog with a unique appearance.

You will love him immediately. He was very confused at first and avoided everyone. He did not understand who they were and what they wanted.

Of course, it was not clear what had happened to the baby in the past, that he had gotten that look and his skin had torn and fallen so much that it was not even enough for him to withstand the extreme cold and be able to warm the body.

He is now in the clinic, surrounded by kind people who do everything for him.

He was examined by a dermatologist to understand what his problem was, and it led to alopecia. so it was recommended to have an abortion.

In general, the baby has no other problems and fortunately he is healthy.

He is now preparing to be vaccinated to protect against various viruses.

It is believed that because of his fur, he was abandoned by his owner and left outside in the cold. He deserves to be loved and happy.

Now is very active and feels very well.

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