The bear was so excited when after a few years of separation he was reunited with his lovely friend


Meetings between orphans and people who help each other in the most difficult moments are always so heart-warming.

I think it must be so exciting when a huge bear reunites with its old friend a few years later.

This is how it turned out that the man used to take care of the bear when he was very young.

It all started in the wildlife center of Otisville, New York.

The bear, named Sonya, who was orphaned, was very sad and confused when one of the rescuers brought her to the center after losing her mother.

Soon, however, thanks to kind people like Jonathan, she began to adapt to new circumstances and even began to trust people and love life.

When the cub came to the shelter, from the first day he became the bear’s guardian and cared for her for many years.

They had a wonderful time together every day. So after a short time they bonded very strongly.

Unfortunately, of course, she could not be released into the wild, as she was already accustomed to human contact and could not survive in the wild.

So she began to feel like a real pet. He was quite old and no longer needed special care.

Recently, after a long time, her old friend, her beloved John, decided to do a surprise visit to the bear to see her reaction.

Meeting with the bear years later, and he wondered if the bear would remember him.

And yes, Sonia immediately recognized her friend. She was so happy and she did not know how to express her emotions.

They hugged tightly, as in the good old days.

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