The dog and his owner started crying loudly when they saw each other after a few months of separation


A young man decided to rent a house,also adopted a dog, wanting to make his life happier and have a wonderful time with the dog.

The dog became a great friend to him, always being by his side and helping him when he needed it. Dogs are the only ones who will never betray us.

Once the man was having a terrible time and he was suffering from depression. He had to give up everything, including work and friends.

But the worst of all was that he had decided to leave his best friend the dog and leave the country. He trusted his dog to a close friend, but it was terribly difficult for the dog.

The dog just couldn’t adjust to his new home and owner, cried and did not eat anything. It took more than 3 months. He could not adapt to the new environment and always thought of the old owner. He was in excruciating pain and suffering from their separation.

And after a few months, the previous owner of the dog decided to visit his friend. And it was so exciting ․․․

The man began to cry loudly when he saw his beloved dog, the dog that was always by his side during the sad and happy days and did not leave him in the most difficult days. The dog, which recognized the owner at once, also began to cry.  His eyes filled with tears when he saw his dad. He was so excited that he could not hide his feelings.

Nothing had changed for him. He loved his owner in the same way. The man felt very guilty for leaving his dog in such a difficult situation and left. How big-hearted these creatures are.

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