After recovering they couldn’t release the fox into the wild so one man learning about that took the baby home


This fox was trapped and entangled in ropes. He was seriously injured.

The wounds on his body were very deep and they would not heal without anyone’s help.

Fortunately, the wildlife reserve found the fox in time, taking the wounded animal to them for treatment.

They were able to cure him, but everything was just beginning in his life.

Fortunately, the fox was able to recover from serious injuries. But he still needed time to fully recover.

The recovery lasted more than a month and a half.

Naturally, he was accustomed to human contact, and they could not let him go to the wild.

He could not survive there! The fox was very accustomed to the people who cared for him.

A man named Jeff Grukouk, learning about the fox, decided to take him home.

The fox was named Rox. He was so happy in his new home and with such kind people.

After a while, he started behaving like a domestic dog.

He quickly became friends with the rest of the pets and began to have a good time with them.

He even likes dog food, and sleeps in his favorite basket. They often go for walks with Jeff’s daughter and spend wonderful days.

What else does a fox need for happiness?

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