The turtle who was born with an open heart has got the most caring owner ever who helped him survive


This albino turtle has a rare defect. His name is Hope.

In addition, the tortoise was born with an open heart, which means that its heart is not protected by a skeleton, as it is with other tortoises.

But fortunately he found himself in the hands of good people. It occurs in only one in 127000 newborns. It is so rare that in practice it does not even have a name.

In the wild, a turtle would not survive without help. That’s why Mike Aquila cares so much about the turtle.

The man received a small turtle as a gift from his friend, who is a turtle breeder. At first he did not know what to do with an unusual creature.

You can even see his heart beating. Unfortunately, he will not be able to live without proper care.

Mike puts a lot of effort into caring for his little and very beloved pet.

He heeps him in the aquarium, changing the water every few days.

The animal also receives special nutrition and should be in stable temperature conditions.

At first he ate poorly, but thanks to his owner, the baby is now very active, eating normally and moving faster.

He likes to eat shrimp the most. As the tortoise grows older and stronger, veterinarians will probably be able to close the heart gap.

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