The kind woman who owns a shelter, from a very young age helps ‘unwanted’ foals to survive


Breeders do their best to give birth to as many foals as possible, of course, but their main goal is to get valuable milk from their mothers to raise a clean and healthy offspring.

Unwanted foals are often left to die, which is why Last-Chance Corral founder Victoria Goss comes to the aid of such creatures.

She supports these types of babies in every possible way, providing them with the conditions to live without their mother.

All through her hard work, the foal mortality rate is much lower than the industry average.

The thing is, she has been coping with all this since she was 12, protecting her horses in every way possible.

She is very sad and worried about the uncertain fate of these creatures and tries to do her best for these abandoned and innocent foals, but of course her financial means are not unlimited and she will not be able to help and save all of them on her own.

She is often assisted by a number of good volunteers, but in general she always keeps them in her own shelter
Unfortunately, there is a huge number of this type of foal. So many of her self-sacrificing activities should set an example for many people.

You can also donate visiting to their Fb page, LastChance Corral, if you wish.

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