The cat, who got lost during terrorist acts, went a very long way to reunite with his family again


The mother and her five children had to flee the city, which was occupied by terrorists.

Of course, they took with them another family member, their beloved cat.

They were soon able to reach the island of Lesbos with great difficulty, but another trial awaited them.

The cat, frightened, suddenly jumped out of the boat. They were constantly looking for him, but the cat was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, they had to continue their journey to Norway.

It turns out that Kunkush the cat had appeared in a place where the cats did not accept him, not allowing him to eat.

Fortunately, he was found by good volunteers. The cat was different at first sight and it was clear that it was a domestic cat and probably lost.

They guessed that the cat was probably lost in the refugee boat.

They decided to quickly post ads on the Internet in different languages ​​to make the search as efficient as possible.

About 2 months had passed since the family saw their cat from Iraq and quickly contacted the animal protection organization that rescued their cat.

Even during the call, the whole family cried loudly.

The cat, who was also present during the conversation, immediately recognized the voices of his beloved owners and, confused, tried to find them in the room.

Soon, thanks to a temporary caregiver, the cat left for Berlin, where the search continued.

How excited everyone was when they finally saw their cat again and hugged it. There are so many kind people and we are very thankful to them.

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